ACES’s 5 Seconds of Fame

On Thursday, June 12, 2020, I went home proud of our company, ACES – an EverWatch company.  At the start of COVID times, our leadership team felt heartbroken to witness the effects COVID had – not only on our company, and our customers, but on our local communities.

We talked amongst ourselves of how we wanted to support local businesses and our immediate communities.  Several people made masks.  As a company, we had a charity competition to feed our local people with the company matching every dollar donated without limits. Our President would take clients to Aida Bistro, knowing ACES might be their only customer that day.


Why do I bring this up?  Because on the very first week ACES re-opened their office, with strict COVID restrictions to protect our people – we were on local Baltimore news twice (5pm and 6pm) doing what we do at ACES!  We were supporting our local community how we could – a “simple” lunch together means another business could go a little further in this crisis.

Thank you BAL 11 for featuring our community and culture.  ACES, an EverWatch company, is proud to support the nation and our local community!!!

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