ACES Diversifies with Commercial Projects


ACES Diversifies with Commercial Projects

ACES has over 10 years of experience supporting government contracts, bringing a wealth of experience developing solutions for complex problems. ACES has expertise in all aspects of Software Development including Web Design, Database Management, System Administration, Cyber Security, Mobile App development and managing Virtualized Infrastructure. With these skills, ACES has recently been able to diversify into the commercial market, successfully completing projects for new customers in the non-government realm.   While ACES’s dedication and commitment remains focused on supporting our government customers, software development in the commercial industry stimulates innovation within our technical staff and provides the following benefits.


Rotational Assignments

Allowing staff to rotate between commercial and government contracts allows them to get a taste of industry while continuing to serve their government clients and mission.  Commercial projects allow our skilled developers work in free and open environment with less restrictions. Staff rotating back to government work are refreshed and better equipped to test and recommend new technology to the government.


New Technology and solutions

Staff working on commercial projects are exposed to tools, technology, and equipment that might not have made it into the government environment.  Getting exposed to bleeding edge technology allows ACES to test, evaluate, and prototype solutions based on the newest technology.   This give us the knowledge to make recommendations to our government customers on potential new technologies. This process also allows ACES to effectively evaluate products and learn which products may work and which may not work for our customer’s missions and problem sets.


White Papers

ACES will remain focused on our government customers, though we recognize the importance of working with a wide range of diverse projects and technology. Through a diverse set of clients ACES hopes to spark innovation among its’ employees allowing us to bring new and better solutions to all of our customers across different industries and sectors. By taking new technology learned on commercial projects ACES is developing innovative ideas that are presented to government customers to solve specific mission problems. We also know what project may not be ready or mature enough for mission applications.


We look forward to continuing to explore opportunities in the commercial realm and provide exciting opportunities to ACES employees!


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