ACES Supports Non-Profits

ACES worked with the board of directors of the Archeological Society of Maryland, Inc. (ASM) to revamp and modernize its public web presence. ASM is a 503(c) Educational Non-Profit organization, dedicated to encouraging public engagement and interaction between professional and avocational archeologists. ASM provides opportunities for the general public to have a voice in archeological issues throughout the state of Maryland and to participate in excavations, lab, and site documentation of archeological resources.

The modernized web site is now hosted on GitHub using GH-Pages and includes HTML5/CSS3, responsive mobile design, and an online store for ASM memorabilia. The online store is integrated with a shopping cart and PayPal to allow secure encrypted transactions for the purchase of ASM journals, books, and papers. The web site was designed to allow ASM members and any visitors to easily navigate and learn more about the ASM organization. Since Non-profits are always looking for more volunteers or members. The revamped web site now allows easy access and form submission to help with memberships, events, and nominations.

Visit ASM at

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