Signals Analysis

  • Support in technical analysis of conventional and non-conventional signals
  • P-cubed analysis, radar theory, and analysis of new signal techniques
  • Analog, digital and all A-D conversion tools, spectral analysis of digital IF data, and detailed forensics of pulse level data
  • Parametric extraction and reporting

Fusion Analysis

  • Ability to merge/fuse multi-source data from various disciplines to generate finished products for delivery to the customer
  • Utilize tools to combine ELINT with other sources and to layer the data in a 3-D environment to make the analysis effort more effective
  • Guiding developers in building new layering tools in a geospatial or parametric environment

Customer Support

  • Customer training in SIGINT tools, signal recognition, and Concept of Operations definition
  • Fly-away installation (special needs, Quick-Reaction Capability)
  • Interpretative term analysis
  • Analytical screening and early product reporting

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