ACES, Inc. is excited to announce BOLOBeat – a One Touch Safety App that aids in Getting Violent Offenders off the Street, Keeping Officers Safe, and Closing Cases.  BOLOBeat, a streamlined method for sending crucial and timely intel to officers who are affected most, serves as an instant conduit of information between detectives investigating violent crime and “boots on the ground” patrol officers.  By eliminating the communication gap that often exists between detectives and patrol officers, BOLOBeat serves to reduce violent crime, build strong cases in court, and hold violent people accountable for their actions.

How does one app do all this? Simple. Communication. Currently, many law enforcement agencies use a laborious, time and resource consuming, complicated method for distributing BOLOs.  The BOLO, which stands for “Be On the Look Out”, could describe a suspect, witness, person of interest, or vehicle in cases of crimes or missing persons. The timely communication of this information to officers is crucial to the success of the effort to locate people and vehicles detailed in BOLOs; however, current distribution methods may take over 24 hours to filter this information down.  BOLOBeat has reduced that time to mere seconds by taking advantage of technology already existing within the department and in possession of each officer.

A small, highly-motivated team of developers, in consultation with law enforcement, has been working tirelessly to develop BOLOBeat into a viable product that can be tailored to support the mission of all law enforcement agencies and public safety officers, regardless of size. A demo version connected to a sample database will be available while our first customers integrate BOLOBeat into their infrastructure and processes.  This is a very exciting time in the product development process as we work to improve the distribution of critical, time-sensitive information to officers on the front lines!

We are currently building marketing tools to distribute to customers and increase awareness of this life-saving tool.  Do you have a contact in law enforcement or public safety? Make an introduction to ACES, Inc. and BOLOBeat by emailing [email protected]

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