Building a Culture of Learning at ACES

ACES a Culture of Learning
A company that learns together grows together. With rapidly changing technology, a continuous learning environment is critical for a technology company. Those that support a culture of learning succeed while those without an agile adaptive, training and learning program get left behind.
At ACES, our culture is consciously evolving to support learning opportunities for our employees and teammates.

Internship Program
The ACES internship program is focused on a culture of learning where interns are expected to learn new technologies while also teaching skills in which they have expertise. ACES internship program typically includes 4-6 interns over the summer with a focus on new technology and innovation. ACES invites interns from a variety of universities to participate in summer internship programs. Recently ACES welcomed interns from Colorado State University, Pennsylvania State University, University of Maryland, UMBC, and Gettysburg University. These interns were given practical, hands-on experience building and deploying applications with real users.

Learn to Codes
The Learn to Code sessions are typically geared toward staff that want to learn software development but may not know where to start. ACES technical experts hosts segments of our Learn to Code events where we introduce topics such as Git, GitLab, JavaScript, CSS3/HTML5, DevOps tools, and the latest web development stacks to interested employees and teammates. These Learn to Code tutorials have step by step instructions posted publicly on our GitHub page.

Learn to ELINT
The success of Learn to Code events sparked innovators at ACES to create a spin-off marketed as Learn to ELINT. ELINT or Electronic Intelligence is information derived primarily from electronic signals. This spin-off is adapted specifically for developers and technical staff that have little to no background in the discipline of the Warfighters’ mission. ACES’ Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have created and hosted these events enabling ACES technical staff to use mission knowledge to conceptualize new tools and technology products.

Tuition Assistance
ACES employee can apply for standard formal education funding and reimbursements. The program allows employees to pursue degree programs and technical certifications related to their job.

Similar to ACES Tuition Assistance, ACES employees can request to receive reimbursements for attending conferences.  This allows employees to learn new information from presenters, ask experts about current problems and challenges, network with like-minded individuals, and share ideas while evaluating the latest technologies that can potentially help grow business.

Our culture at ACES encourages everyone to make a commitment to their own professional development. While we know our “training program” will not be able to provide everything needed for folks to become experts. We know not providing tools, or the appropriate culture will cause our employee’s skills to go stale or become dated. This is why at ACES we continuously work to have opportunities to enhance our employee’s skill set.  If this sounds like the kind of culture you see yourself thriving in or wanting to help evolve, check out or careers page to see our current opportunities. We are always looking for sharp, like minded individuals for our growing team.

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