C4ISR is an acronym that stands for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance. Support comes in many forms to include manned and unmanned military and tactical platforms as well as from the countless staff behind the scenes supporting the missions of F2T2EA (find, fix, track, target, engage, assess).

With so many prior military veterans in our company who have worked ISR missions and who are now developing and integrating capabilities, we bring a necessary passion for ISR and the overall planning and direction, collection, processing and exploitation, analysis and dissemination (PCPAD) processes.


ACES is currently supporting 6 contracts across the national and tactical community where we have specific ISR-focused engagement. Some of our mission areas include the following disciplines:

  • Voice and Visual Custom Solutions using Open Source Technology
  • Decryption Interfaces
  • Collection and Processing
  • Near Real Time Data Ingestion for streaming data
  • ELINT and COMINT Processing
  • Geolocation processing and Spatiotemporal Databasing and Visualization
  • Worldwide - Physical and Virtualized System Deployments
  • System Accreditation Managed from Inception through Sustainment


Statistical Modelling

Statistical modeling based on reporting, RF detections, language and speaker processing and locational data. These models drive the analytical algorithms on the backend and the interactive visualizations within the frontend User Interface (UI).


Virtualized (VMWare, Docker & K8s)
NoSQL Databases, Flexible Schemas and Models
Streaming/Batch Analytics (Kafka, Flink, NiagaraFiles)
Amazon Cloud Services and Infrastructure for Testing

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ACES, Inc.’s talented Software Engineers have experience solving a multitude of problems for both Government and commercial customers. Our Software Engineers are constantly learning and adding new technologies and methodologies to their toolset which enables them to solve your unique needs.

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