Cyber with EverWatch/ACES

  • EverWatch is passionate about responding to cyber threats, developing, and equipping the workforce for the future cyberspace landscape. We closely follow the nation’s cyber strategies, evolving warfighting doctrines, and emerging technological trends, anticipating future needs.
  • Our workforce has over 25 years in Computer Network Operations (CNO), developing advanced cyberspace command and control platforms, novel payloads, next generation UI/UX for cyber operations, and cyber training platforms and curriculum used throughout the IC and DoD.
  • Our passion for the national mission and customer success drives us . We understand the fluidity and importance of our customers’ mission needs and adapt to support them. We support the warfighter, providing the best intelligence to our Nation’s decision makers, expertise in offensive and defensive cyber operations, vulnerability research, reverse engineering, computer network operations (CNO) capabilities and techniques, and adversary tactics.

What makes EverWatch/ACES different?

  • We are Cyber Thought Leaders. Sought out to develop the most effective operational cyber mission training program for the DoD and IC based on our previous military and civilian experiences.
  • We have Operational Domain Expertise. Both leadership and employees have offensive and defensive cyber operational experience for the DoD and IC.
  • We conduct Employee CNO Training. ​We use our operational cyber training experience to create individual training and mentoring plans for our own employees.
  • We revolutionize CNO Research & Development. We use our extensive operational cyberspace domain expertise to develop innovative tools and techniques to solve both near and mid-term mission needs.
  • We are selective in our CNO Pursuits. We are strategic in what we work on and we prefer to be as close as possible to the mission.


Advance Cyber Interactive Display

Similar to Virtual Reality (VR) displays and accessories, build an interface that models operations and reduces the training time for an offensive operator. The goal is to leverage technology to aid the interactive operator with useful displays, metrics, enriched data and geo-references.

Computer Aided Machine Learning for Cyber Operations

DoD communities recognize the need for improved Modelling and Simulation capabilities. For cyber operations, machines would improve how we do offensive and defensive operations, by automating the predictable operations, giving back time to the offensive and defensive operators to focus on the most challenging operations.

Internet of Things (IOT) Routing/Pivoting

With the explosion of technology and the amount of devices that are associated with an individual, we must develop secure solutions to support the routing among IoT devices. Additionally, as we continue to determine best practices and adjust to protocol changes, the goal is to develop IoT as a core competency.

Computer Network Operations Tool Development

New tools and techniques must continue to be developed to stay current with trends in cyberspace. The goal is not to stay in lock step with the adversary. Instead, while staying within our legal bounds, stay current with what is occurring, make educated predictions on what the adversary might do next, and develop the tools and techniques to meet the adversary at their next move.


We also have experience and expertise in:

Computer Network Exploitation (CNE)

  • CNO Research & Development
  • CNO Software & System Engineering
  • Mobile (iOS/Android) CNO Development
  • C2/Visualization of Cyber Operations
  • Computer Aided Cyber Operations
  • IOT Devices
  • Network Exploitation/Analysis
  • Interactive Operations Support

Computer Network Defense (CND)

  • Antivirus Research
  • Information System Security Engineering
  • Malware Reverse Engineering
  • Active and Passive Defense Solutions
  • Risk assessments and analytics evaluations
  • Network hardening (hardware/software)
  • Network Exploitation/Analysis
  • Network Vulnerability Assessment

Cyber Training

  • Automated Cyber Training & Assessments
  • OCO/DCO Curriculum Design & Development
  • Cyber Instruction

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ACES, Inc.’s talented Software Engineers have experience solving a multitude of problems for both Government and commercial customers. Our Software Engineers are constantly learning and adding new technologies and methodologies to their toolset which enables them to solve your unique needs.

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