ACES & DevOps

DevOps is the agile relationship between the Development and IT Operations departments of a company or project. The goal of DevOps is to change and improve communication between the two units. Using DevOps, continuous integration and continuous deployments have been shown to decrease the cost of IT projects by removing the human from the loop and automating as many processes as possible.

A continuous integration model consists of tiny fixes and changes to code that are made frequently, modularizing features and decreasing the risk of issues occurring during deployment. Fixing patches and/or vulnerabilities on demand increases the overall security of the system.

With the Ozone Platform, ACES’s DevOps Engineers have proven that DevOps can be applied to development environments that deploy to government system. Ozone Platform was developed open source directly on GitHub.

Culture of DevOps

At ACES, Inc we are working towards a future where the culture supports the rapidly changing needs of our customers. We aim to empower our engineers to both learn and implement DevOps practices within the workplace. This leads to individuals and teams who not only produce more and are more productive, but who are also more satisfied with their jobs. They are more challenged and engaged, and can feel empowered to use the skills they hold to make positive change. We hope this culture catches on in our community and we can continue to push progress forward.



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