MDA provides the ability to detect, identify, and predict maritime threats through fusion of Multi-INT (SIGINT, GEOINT, AIS, OSINT) data sources across security domains. Battlespace awareness and information dominance at sea, counter narcotics, anti-piracy, etc. are mission areas supported.


We support both the U.S. Navy and the DoD agencies in our support to this vital mission. Our staff provide support from Colorado, Washington D.C. and Maryland locations. On the capability development side, our work spans design, development and deployment. Our more direct mission involvement includes performing technical analysis and reporting that leads to detection, prevention and often times law enforcement interdiction.


High Speed Ingest with Streaming Analytics and Algorithm Dev

Streaming Analytics include FOSS and COTS and custom development. The program ingests millions of records per second. Trend Analysis, Anomaly Detection, and Target Characterization are performed.

Cloud Infrastructure Technologies

C2S and AWS. Low side development and testing requires cloud infrastructure support on multiple security domains.

Infrastructure (DevOps and System Admin driven)

The DevOps team performs virtualization using VMWare, maintains RedHat builds and security posture, manages all software installs and deployments. Ansible, Docker and Kubernetes used.

Common Operating Picture (Web Tier)

The web tier is responsible for design and development of the front-end, user facing interfaces. Dashboards and Maps are key. Geospatial, Parametric and Vessel Filtering and Fast Visualization required. Niagara Files, Docker, LUX, Kafka, Node.js, Angular, PKI, Oauth, MongoDB, Postgres.

Knowledge Curation (Object Based Production)

Development to create a service framework whereby mult-INT target information is aggregated to reflect a single Intel picture of worldwide targets of interest (e.g. vessels, planes, facilities, entities).

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