Which do you prefer – city life, rural or suburb!




The Maryland-Washington DC-Northern Virginia area is the heart of the nation. This is the area were all the decisions are made and EverWatch is here to support!

Working in Maryland, if you love city life, you have the choice to live in either Washington DC or Baltimore, MD. The distance between the two areas is only 50 miles. Ft. Meade, in the middle of both cities, provides many opportunities to support the decision makers and the Department of Defense.

If you prefer living in a slower paced environment, Maryland has you covered, too. There are plenty of rural, suburb, and farm options.

And the options continue – sports, hiking, shopping, beaches, food, historic sites, nightlife, great schools and on and on.


We look to identify the same characteristics and traits embodied in our current staff: individually-motivated but team-oriented, fearless drive to achieve more, habitual need to overshare technical knowledge with others, inability to accept obstacles as immovable and being purpose-driven by our vital customer missions supporting National Security.

Although we love to find people who specialize in our core services: Technical SIGINT, Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA), Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR), and Computer Network Operations (CNO), we also seek out talented professionals who are also great at simply just getting things done. Hiring individuals with diverse talents encourages an environment of innovation and growth. Our inclusive culture rewards employees with competitive salaries, top-top tier benefits, a focus on continuous learning, training for self-improvement and working on projects that make a difference.

Most importantly, we’re looking for people who are good for ACES, Inc.—not just for right now, but for the long term.

Working for ACES, Inc.

Employees of ACES, Inc. have provided more than 20 years of technical expertise to government agencies – concentrating on analysis, information technology services, and engineering. Our employees have extensive experience in building and supporting prototype systems, guiding and contributing to new development efforts, signals analysis, system administration, and leading edge design efforts. The people at ACES, Inc. enjoy working together as direct contributors to the overall vision and success of the company.