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The Ozone Widget Framework (OWF) and Ozone Marketplace (OMP) product line are nearing end of life, with limited resources to support bug fixes and community requests. Resources have since been directed to development, deployment, and sustainment of Ozone Platform (OZP), the software that powers AppsMall, and the latest in the Ozone product line of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). OZP is a key component of the Office of Director of National Intelligence’s (ODNI) Intelligence Community Information Technology Enterprise (IC ITE) effort to bring the various intelligence agencies together to share information, reduce hardware and software redundancies, and further collaborate on everything from software development to infrastructure usage and mission analysis. ACES has been an integral part of Ozone development for the last three years, providing key leadership to software development, the backlog, testing & integration, and iteration planning.

The Ozone Platform development team has largely been focused on meeting the Intelligence Community’s (IC) priorities for deployment on IC ITE with OZP/AppsMall. This was evident at OZP’s initial production release, which had shifted away from features and capability that were previously available in OWF/OMP. This was by design, as resource limitations required the development of OZP to focus on the features and capabilities prioritized for IC ITE; however, this left a gap in capabilities required for existing OWF/OMP users, particularly for those across the DoD. While the open source nature of OZP allows code commits and feature contributions to be submitted by the entire Ozone community, minimal contributions have been made from outside the core development team. Additionally, resource constraints limit the current Ozone development team from adequately working with DoD community partners to build these capabilities in a timely manner. Without additional support and code contributions from the community, it will be some time if ever before OZP can be a 100% replacement for OWF/OMP.

ACES’ experience with Ozone puts us in a prime position to provide vision & leadership for the future of the product line. Being an open source effort, Ozone can leverage the open source community for support and input, particularly on OZP, effectively taking the pulse of its contributors and users. ACES is interested in the formation of an Ozone Software Foundation that, as a nonprofit coalition around Ozone, could ensure collaboration across government, the commercial sector, and academia while continuing to evolve into a self-sustaining open source project supporting IC, DoD, and commercial capabilities.

The next blog post on this topic intends to define the challenges with the current structure and management of the Ozone product suite and to offer a solution that would evolve the organization and management of Ozone into the Ozone Software Foundation, a true self-sustaining open source project.

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