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ACES, Inc. On GitHub:

  • There are a few technologies and projects hosted on GitHub that our open source developers contribute to
  • ACES, Inc. uses GitHub to host and promote our culture of continuous learning and training. Our technical experts host multiple Learn to Code events every year and share the step-by-step tutorials on GitHub

Apache NiFi:

  • Built custom NiFi processors and workflows for ingesting, transforming, validating, and purging records
  • Built scripts for automated NiFi deployment
  • Integrated codahale metrics into various NiFi processors to better understand flow performance

Convergent UI (blog post):

  • ACES, Inc. fully developed the UI filter from start to finish
  • Convergent UI is a special Zuul Filter that aims to provide a solution to the Distributed Composition problem faced when building a GUI within a Micro Services Architecture.
  • Allows users to run multiple micro services on the backend for different features of a webpage


  • ACES, Inc. software engineers build, configure, and support Accumulo clusters on multiple contracts


  • Built analytics for using MongoDB Map Reduce and Aggregation frameworks
  • Built scripts for automated MongoDB deployment

Ozone Platform:

  • Ozone Platform Development leadership for 3+ years
  • ACES, Inc. lead the  development of Ozone enabling collaboration with 20+ developers across 6 locations, 3 agencies, and over 10 different contracting companies
  • Set and provided vision for the Ozone Platform and its AppsMall deployment
  • Successful migration of legacy OWF to production deployment of OZP/AppsMall on IC ITE

JSON Data Generator (blog post):

  • ACES, Inc. developed the generator with the following features from start to finish
  • Generate json documents that are defined in json themselves. This would allow us to take existing schemas, drop them in to the generator, modify them a bit and start generating data that looks like what we expect in our application
  • Generate json with random data as values. This includes different types of random data, not just random characters, but things like random names, counters, dates, primitive types, etc.
  • Generate a constant stream of json events that are sent somewhere
  • Generate events in a defined order, at defined or random time periods

“The ultimate reward and sense of accomplishment for any elite software engineer is when their code is found on the internet and easily reused and integrated into a different project by other software engineers.  Even better when the person that reused the code says Thanks!”