Contributing to Open Source Projects                     Open Source

ACES, Inc. On GitHub:
  • There are a few technologies and projects hosted on GitHub that our open source developers contribute to
  • ACES, Inc. uses GitHub to host and promote our culture of continuous learning and training. Our technical experts host multiple Learn to Code events every year and share the step-by-step tutorials on GitHub
Apache NiFi:
  • Built custom NiFi processors and workflows for ingesting, transforming, validating, and purging records
  • Built scripts for automated NiFi deployment
  • Integrated codahale metrics into various NiFi processors to better understand flow performance
Convergent UI (blog post):
  • ACES, Inc. fully developed the UI filter from start to finish
  • Convergent UI is a special Zuul Filter that aims to provide a solution to the Distributed Composition problem faced when building a GUI within a Micro Services Architecture.
  • Allows users to run multiple micro services on the backend for different features of a webpage
  • ACES, Inc. software engineers build, configure, and support Accumulo clusters on multiple contracts
  • Built analytics for using MongoDB Map Reduce and Aggregation frameworks
  • Built scripts for automated MongoDB deployment
Ozone Platform:
  • Ozone Platform Development leadership for 3+ years
  • ACES, Inc. lead the  development of Ozone enabling collaboration with 20+ developers across 6 locations, 3 agencies, and over 10 different contracting companies
  • Set and provided vision for the Ozone Platform and its AppsMall deployment
  • Successful migration of legacy OWF to production deployment of OZP/AppsMall on IC ITE
JSON Data Generator (blog post):
  • ACES, Inc. developed the generator with the following features from start to finish
  • Generate json documents that are defined in json themselves. This would allow us to take existing schemas, drop them in to the generator, modify them a bit and start generating data that looks like what we expect in our application
  • Generate json with random data as values. This includes different types of random data, not just random characters, but things like random names, counters, dates, primitive types, etc.
  • Generate a constant stream of json events that are sent somewhere
  • Generate events in a defined order, at defined or random time periods