• Think Radars and more importantly radars associated with weapons (e.g. Surface to Air Missile). Detect, Track and Target.
    • Telemetry (location, speed, health status, video data links).
    • Weapons related command and control.
  • COMINT Externals
    • Data associated with the externals of a communication device. Location, Signal or device Info.


ACES is currently supporting 8 contracts across the national and tactical community where we have specific TechSIGINT related engagement. We support a broad range of services to include the following:

  • Interpretive Analysis
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Collection and Processing
  • Cloud-based Analytics
  • Air, Land, Maritime & Space domain coverage
  • Power Pattern and Polarization Expertise
  • Advanced Weapons and Radars


Improved EW support to the warfighter

Faster data access for analysis and faster production of ELINT Intercept Models. ACES first to produce EIMs automatically on our TechSIGINT development prime contract.

Data Modelling and Simulation

DoD communities recognize the need for improved Modelling and Simulation capabilities. Our prototypes for ISR processing and anomaly detection are being leveraged and enhanced through IR&D investments. Using tools such as MLFlow, we can model radars, emissions, and engagements using both real and simulated data.

Reinforcement Learning (RL)

The goal of RL is to train intelligent agents to interact within a given environment to solve complex tasks. The popular game engine, Unity, has recently released a ML agent toolkit which supports RL, imitation learning, neuroevolution and other ML techniques. We can leverage these to create scenario-based games using real-world and simulated data to support TechSIGINT.

Adapt Reporting to leverage Big Data Streaming with Machine Learning

Much of the reporting performed today happens with a human in the loop. With the advancements in ML technology, we can increase our automated reporting with high confidence by coupling tools such as TensorFlow, Keras, SciKit, Kafka and Flink pipelines.

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