ACES Supports Non-Profits

ACES worked with the board of directors of the Archeological Society of Maryland, Inc. (ASM) to revamp and modernize its public web presence. ASM is a 503(c) Educational Non-Profit organization, dedicated to encouraging public engagement and interaction between professional and avocational archeologists. ASM provides opportunities for the general public to have a voice in archeological issues throughout the state of Maryland and to participate in excavations, lab, and site documentation of archeological resources. The modernized … Continued

Building a Culture of Learning at ACES

ACES a Culture of Learning A company that learns together grows together. With rapidly changing technology, a continuous learning environment is critical for a technology company. Those that support a culture of learning succeed while those without an agile adaptive, training and learning program get left behind. At ACES, our culture is consciously evolving to support learning opportunities for our employees and teammates. Internship Program The ACES internship program is focused on a culture of … Continued