ACES, Inc. Summer 2017 Internship

ACES, Inc. Summer Internship

Each summer, ACES, Inc. offers internship program opportunities to students nearing the end of their schooling. These internships provide learning experiences for the interns and directly benefits ACES, Inc. by expanding our internal and external customer base and improving our support to them. ACES, Inc. looks for real-world opportunities that interns can take on and accomplish goals set by those customers.

As the summer comes to an end, we asked our current interns to reflect on their experiences here at ACES, Inc. and below you’ll find some examples of the way our wonderful interns grew and accomplished real-world goals.

Intern Experiences

As an intern at ACES, Inc., the experience was invaluable. We were challenged with learning new technologies and working with real customers while getting hands-on experience. As an ACES, Inc. intern, we had multiple real-world projects to work on and the opportunity to meet with the customer about requirements, scope, deadlines, feedback, etc. After deploying prototypes and short iterative bug fix and feedback cycles, we presented formal demonstrations of the finished product before deploying to real users.


As interns, we worked as a team on an internal HR hiring and applicant tracking system. Initially, we started out with bug fixes and matured to full features and automated production deployments for the internal applicant tracking software. We learned how to better debug and test code before pushing to production.

ASM Website

We worked on a website for the nonprofit organization, The Archeology Society of Maryland (ASM) . The skills gained from this project included HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to create a responsive mobile design. Our team not only deployed this website publicly to the internet, we trained and mentored folks from ASM on how to use Git, GitHub, and GH-Pages to self-maintain and update the site.


We worked on a project called BOLO Beat. This project involved creating an app prototype for local law enforcement. This involved learning and using skills in Java, JavaScript, Google APIs, Node.js, UX design, XML, Firebase, and Google Analytics to create a user-friendly app for officers. BOLO Beat is an Android mobile app that is prototyping a new process for “Be on the Look Out” alerts. Our internship team has been prototyping this app to improve what is currently a 100% paper process by creating an app for police officers to receive, process, and search through BOLOs, including geofencing and location alerts.

Automated Financial Reports

Government contracting tends to have a significant amount of regulation and reporting requirements. Our Intern team at ACES, Inc. in coordination with contracts managers and senior software developers is prototyping automated financial reports that meet these government requirements.  The application uses Spring, MongoDB, and JavaScript and will eliminate a manual entry process. This program will automate this process with a user portal, reminder e-mails, and database storage of all data – greatly reducing overhead time and expense.

Throughout the intern program, if there are any questions or concerns, we always have someone willing to help from the other interns, to junior and senior developers, all the way up to the ACES, Inc. leadership team. The people and culture at ACES, Inc. encourages learning and as an intern that is exactly what you want. We would highly recommend any student looking for internships or full-time employment to contact or apply at ACES, Inc. or email us at [email protected]

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